I have been working with Diana for five years in person and by phone for healing sessions. A few years ago my husband, who is normally very resistant to outside healers, became an appreciative client as well. We both feel that Diana has a unique gift in that she is able to facilitate healing and transformation in a single session. She has a number of wonderful qualities including: high integrity, humility, vision, insight. wisdom and compassion. She is able to see blocks in our body and energy field, including false beliefs that go back several generations, and release them to allow more flow. She is not only a healer but a teacher. Every time I work with her I learn another tool or remedy to facilitate self-healing. Diana guides us to discover and uncover that WE have the power. She is respectful of the precious role of mother earth/Gaia including the sacredness of the earth elements in the healing process. Sometimes I think of Diana as a shaman, other times a (good) witch, and other times, she's my confidante and friend. Her healing style honors each person's individual journey. Marilyn Rubel Life Transition Coach Mt. Sunrise Coaching

I have been privileged to know Diana Timmerman’s for five years. During that time, I have come to appreciate her caring and compassionate nature as an effective powerful energy healer and SimplyHealed practitioner. Diana is naturally gifted, informative, and intelligently intuitive. She cleared my past that was holding me back emotionally. Diana has been so present for me and helped me to connect to a whole part of myself that had been misguided. Diana helped recalibrate me to move through my self-imposed limitations…to allow me to focus on my future. Through her powerful guidance and The SimplyHealed Method, I gathered the courage to take a journey from a place of confusion and low self-esteem to become a more self-confident and joyous person. I am excited to go forth on my life’s journey. I will always be grateful for Diana’s strength, gentleness, and wisdom. I was hopeful (and a bit skeptical) prior to my first energy session. I left a true believer in Diana’s abilities and myself! I would highly recommend that you see for yourself what a difference Diana’s influence can make in your life. Thank you Diana and SimplyHealed! Sincerely, Corinne Petra Incline Village, NV

I have had the distinct pleasure of experiencing two sessions with Diana over the last year and a half, one via phone conversation, and the other in person. Diana is so insightful, intelligent, aware, and discerning. My sessions with Diana have always lead to feelings of euphoria and elation. Diana has made me aware that I am deserving of happy, healthy, and guilt free relationships. She has been instrumental in helping me let go of certain fears, and to be able to trust. She has also made me aware that it is my right to set safe boundaries and escape generational patterns. I feel I am truly fortunate to have encountered Diana and the gifts she bring to ones life. Sincerely, Jennifer Clarey

It was a privilege and a pleasure to have had a phone session with Diana Timmermans recently. Diana is so insightful and truly gifted as a healer. She gives such clarity, and can go deep into generational blocks, which she does with such gentleness. She has given me such power, hope and confidence to speak my truth in dealing with many of life’s challenges. I could absolutely feel the energy shift after the session and felt lighter, blissful and loved, I felt fear and guilt melt away. I’m so blessed to have Diana in my life… Karey Pedersen

I have had the great experience of receiving a session per telephone from Diana Timmermans. I am at a loss for words that are used to be loud and wish to express deep gratitude for Diana in comparing her to a flower like a Gardenia, a pink wild rose, or a Tree Peony, scents that take me home to what is...... as far inward as well as outward core of my self. I believe true healing happens at the meeting place of cosmos and matter and Diana can simply see the grid, physical and non-physical, she is neutral and has the amazing ability to listen in and her work is so refreshingly effortless it was as easy as pie. My womb and triple warmer feel so much a part of me again and other spirits connected with me have unfolded to the new and ready. I am going to work with her again as the next three seasons move along and see where we are at this time next year. So much was addressed and set free and her guidance is what i feel my entire earth family can benefit from. Thank you dearly Tammy Baumgartner

My experience and treatments with Diana Timmermans has been one of the BEST things that I have encountered. I started Simply Healed and with each treatment I felt the stress, physical and emotional release leave; and the energy flowing evenly throughout my body. Diana's gift of healing energy knows where you are imbalanced and she brings you into a balanced state. Her positive affirmations remind you that you are worthy to be healthy , and to have complete harmony in your body and life. Even if you are a skeptic, after one treatment with Diana, you become a believer in her gift and a believer in yourself. Donna Curletti